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Woman Loses 80 Pounds, no Longer Suffers from Acid Reflux and Other Conditions


Allyson Grabish-Paniccia is a proud woman, and for good reason. She once tipped the scales at 240 pounds, but in just one short year, she dropped 80 of them. In that same time frame, she lost 100 inches, 12 sizes, 34 percent body fat and her problems with acid reflux. Even her migraines and arthritis flare-ups greatly diminished.

“I was the heaviest I had ever been,” she says referring to her size 22 pants. Grabish-Paniccia explains that her pregnancies contributed to her weight gain. After her first son was born in 2005, she gained weight. While weight gain is expected from pregnancy, she says she never had the opportunity to get back in shape before her and her husband learned they were pregnant again. Her other child was born the following year.

The health and emotional problems of carrying an extra 80 pounds

She explains that she was basically bed-ridden about three times a week due to arthritic flare-ups, something she developed at 19, but made worse by her weight. Additionally, she had acid reflux. A study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology shows that overweight people are 50 percent more likely to have GERD than people of a normal weight range, while it was more than twice as likely for the obese.

Not only was her health in jeopardy, but her personal relationships as well as self-confidence suffered. She recalls going to Las Vegas and while most people would want their pictures taken at such a fun destination, she was too embarrassed to step in front of the camera. “But I just wasn’t ready to make changes.”

That is, until she landed in the ER for chest pains. Her pains turned out to be stress-related, but while she was hospitalized, she used the time to reflect on her health. The severity of the situation kick-started her urge to get healthy once again. And did she ever.

Losing weight and getting healthy again

She remembers the moment well: It was 2012 when she was watching television. Tony Horton, fitness guru and trainer, was on and in an instant, she knew it was time. “I was ready,” Grabish-Paniccia recalls. In January she began Horton’s at-home fitness regimen, Power90, which consisted of intense workouts and nutrition plans. In just 90 days, she weighed 28 pounds less. Already in better shape, she moved on to his P90X and intensified her routine.

She lost 80 pounds and 100 total inches from her body. Her arthritis and migraines hardly occur and her acid reflux is completely gone. In September 2013, Grabish-Paniccia ran her first race. “My only goal was to finish,” she says. “I did.” She beams in post-race photos with her husband, both of them holding medals around their necks.

In addition to Horton’s fitness plan, she also assessed foods in her house and got rid of all things that were processed. Her family became part of the process, often exercising with her and eating healthfully.

“I think you really have to be conscious of what it is that you’re putting into your body,” she says. “Part of my mindset is also trying to teach my children healthy choices by example.”

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Think Coffee is Bad for You? Think Again!


Throw out everything you think you know about coffee right out the window. Why? Most of us have always been led to believe that it’s not good for you and that you shouldn’t drink much of it. But if you look into the science you’ll probably be surprised at the truth – it’s actually pretty darn healthy.

Brimming with nutrients and antioxidants, studies show that it can help you improve your overall health, reduce your risk of developing some serious diseases and even prolong your life span. Here are just a few benefits you get from drinking coffee regularly.

Caffeine – Yes There Are Benefits!

The number one thing you probably think of when you think of coffee is caffeine. While to many it’s become a long four-letter word, the truth is that there are good things about consuming caffeine.

  • Once caffeine is consumed it travels to your brain.
  • Once in the brain it blocks Adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter
  • Once Adenosine is blocked, other neurotransmitters increase
  • Once levels of the other neurotransmitters your neurons are fired up all over the place

What does that mean? According to controlled studies, researchers say that many brain functions improve. Your mood improves, your energy levels come up, memory increases, reaction times increase and you get an overall boost in cognitive function.

coffee-benefitsPhysical Performance Benefits

Coffee not only affects your mood and brain function, but also your physical performance. When you consume caffeine, your body starts breaking down fat cells into free fatty acids. This means your body can start burning up that fat as fuel for energy. In fact, caffeiene can provide an 11-12 percent increase in your physical performance (see the National Institutes of Health).

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

There are many studies that point to the possibility of reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes with caffeine. This is huge, as type 2 diabetes is a substantial health problem, affecting hundreds of millions of people.

A massive review published on JAMA Internal Medicine (formerly known as Archives of Internal Medicine) in 2009 reviewed 18 different studies relevant to coffee consumption. These studies included a staggering number of participants – over 450,000. What they found was somewhat surprising. They say that you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 7% with each cup of daily coffee.

Protecting Your Liver

Your liver is a vital organ, carrying out many different functions for your body. There are a number of diseases that primarly target and affect your live including fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. Previous data shows that if you drink four or more cups of coffee per day you have a substantially lower risk of developing a liver disease. This is especially true for alcoholic cirrhosis.

Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Stroke

It’s commonly believed that drinking coffee will elevate your blood pressure. The myth of it leading to heart disease has all but been wiped out. The truth is actually the opposite. Sure, caffeine in coffee can increase your heart rate (a very small bit), but if you drink it regularly you probably won’t experience this (in some cases you can so if you DO have a history of high blood pressure talk to your doctor).

If you look at the study published on ScienceDirect then you’ll see that regular, moderate coffee consumption has actually been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease in women.


New Fat Busting Formula Revealed: Meratrim


Dr. Oz has always surprised many of us with his revolutionary natural supplements that help in rapid and safe weight loss. Some of his breakthrough products include pure fruit extracts, coffee beans, and natural tea for slimming. Recently, he has also introduced a fruit and flower slimming formula known as Meratrim. This unique fruit and flower extract has shown tremendous results in clinical trials as well. This amazing weight-loss supplement works magnificently in reducing fat in human body for rapid weight loss.

Studies have shown that this amazing supplement contains two effective ingredients that help in secretion of more fat-metabolism hormone. As a result, your body will see rapid changes with more metabolism and better muscle growth. The active ingredients in this supplement include Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus. Each of these ingredients helps human body in secreting more adiponectin, a hormone that improves fat metabolism.

A number of reviewers have also mentioned that the supplement can accelerate the fat metabolism just within a few days of intake. That surely supports the fact that users can lose a few pounds just within a few weeks after taking this supplement.

In addition to the acceleration of fat metabolism, this supplement also helps in losing visceral fat from the body. Visceral fat is the harmful fat found accumulated in the hip and belly area. This herbal-blend supplement significantly decreases the amount of visceral fat in your body and improves blood sugar. It also lowers the cholesterol levels drastically. In short, this natural fruit and flower supplement helps in improving the quality of life in many users.

Those with health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol can also use this supplement for rapid weight loss, better sugar level, and low cholesterol.

Clinical studies on this supplement included eight-week trial as well. During this period, many users show rapid positive results with better weight, low cholesterol, and healthy echocardiogram. This supplement is a product of famous InterHealth Brand. Therefore, consumers will never find similar supplements online sold under other marketer’s name. In fact, no online users are allowed to use this supplement name without getting a legal permission from InterHealth.

That surely will avoid duplication of this product. As our body tends to accumulate fat in belly and hip area, it needs some fat metabolism hormone for getting it assimilated. With this supplement, your fat metabolism hormone will work effectively and remove fat from your body gradually.

Tricks for all the Condiment Flavor Minus the Calories

We all have our favorite dips, condiments and dressings. Unfortunately, it can take an otherwise healthy meal or snack and load it down with fat and calories. What’s the point of a yummy, healthy salad or a platter of your favorite veggies if you cover it in fat-laden ranch? Why bother paying a little more for healthy meats for sandwiches if it just gets weighed down with mayo? Why ruin a perfect, nutritious bowl of chili with the calories that come with sour cream? You know you drown your chili with it!…. :)

chiliRanch Dressing: When you can’t resist the taste of ranch (my favorite!), try this instead. Put some ranch into a spray bottle. Yep, you heard me. Add a little water to water it down and spritz your salad or veggies or whatever. It works!

Mayo: Can’t stand the thought of your lunch sandwich with no mayo? I hear ya. Use mustard instead, it isn’t as bad for you. If you like the creamier taste of mayo, then mix some mustard with plain, non-fat greek yogurt.

Sour Cream: Again, opt for non-fat greek yogurt. Give it a little more oomph by shredding some fresh, low fat cheese on top of it, too.



Pasta Gets Creative!


Mushroom Lover’s Cheesy Noodles

  • 2 cups elbow macaroni (that’s before cooking)
  • 2 TBS butter or margarine
  • 2 TBS flour
  • 1 package beef dry mushroom soup mix
  • 2 c. milk
  • 2 c. shredded American cheese

Preheat oven to 350.

First get your noodles cooking (follow directions on your package). While cooking, melt your butter in a small to medium sauce pan. Once it melts, slowly stir in the soup mix and flour. It will create a pretty thick paste. Immediately start to slowly add in milk. Make sure you keep stirring! Now stir in 1 1/2 cups of your cheese. Your noodles should be close to being done now. Drain them. Combine the sauce you just made with your noodles in a buttered baking dish (we use a 1 1/2 quart one). Top it with the rest of your cheese and bake for about thirty minutes (or until it starts to get a nice browning and bubbling going on).

*Make this healthier: Substitute the American cheese for low-fat versions. Use all purpose whole wheat flour instead of regular white all purpose. Use whole grain noodles. Easy!

Noodles Cheddar


  • 1 cup cottage cheese 11/2 plain non fat yogurt
  • 1 freshly crushed garlic clove
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 TBS grated onion
  • 1/2 tsp salt (more or less according to taste)
  • 5 cups cooked egg noodles (works out to about eight ounces)
  • 1 c. shredded Cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 400.

Cook and drain your noodles according to your package. In a large bowl, mix together all of your ingredients, but holding back 1/4 c. of the shredded cheese. Butter up or spray a two quart casserole dish. Use the rest of your cheese to sprinkle the top. bake for about 25 minutes.

Super Easy, Cold Macaroni Cheese Salad

  • 1 c. macaroni, cooked, drained
  • 1 c. diced Cheddar Cheese
  • 2 chopped hard boiled eggs
  • 2 TBS chopped pimiento
  • 2 TBS pickle relish
  • 2 TBS chopped onion
  • 2 TBS your favorite Italian dressing
  • 3/4 cup sour cream 3/4 teaspoon salt

Combine everything together and blend it all together. Chill it. You’re done.

Hearty Beef Spaghetti 

  • 3/4 lb ground beef
  • 3/4 c. chopped onions
  • 2 TBS oil
  • 3 8-oz cans tomato sauce
  • 1 envelope Italian salad dressing mix
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • hot cooked spaghetti

Serves 3-4

Brown your beef and drain. Mix in the onion, oil and tomato sauce. Let it slowly come to a boil. Cover it and let it simmer for about ten minutes. Serve hot over your noodles.


  • 1/2 lb ground beef
  • 1/2 c. chopped green pepper
  • 1/2 c. chopped onion
  • 2 c. (1 pound) tomatoes
  • 1 6-oz can tomato paste
  • 1/2 c. water
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 8 oz mostaccioli noodles, cooked, drained
  • 1/2 lb cheese spread,
  • Thinly sliced grated Parmesan cheese (for topping)

Preheat oven to 350.

First brown and drain your beef. Throw your onion and green peppers in. Cook a few minutes, just until to they’re a little tender (or to however soft you want them). Blend in the tomato paste, tomatoes, seasonings and water. Put half your noodles into a sprayed two quart baking dish, add some meat sauce and cheese, keep layering. Top it with the parmesan and back about 25 minutes.